Monday, November 28, 2022

New blog for Exam Cell

 Since the College name is officially changed in the Anna University portal, there is a need to use the new college name in the website address. Hence, we have moved to new blog. All posts regarding Exam cell will appear only in the following url.

This will be the official Exam cell blog from 28/11/2022

Friday, November 25, 2022

Important announcements to Current Semester Students

 Students are informed to do the following, before the commencement of Semester Exams

1. If College id is missing, apply for the same at college office immediately and get the college ID card at the earliest possible

2 Students who had taken long leave should submit the leave letter along with the medical certificate if any to the class advisor, so that if there is any attendance shortage we could immediately send the Medical certificate to the University and solve the issue at the earliest

3 Students who had gone for sports also, check their attendance and give the appropriate OD form. PD sir will be busy with his daughter's marriage next week, so do submit the OD forms outstanding if any at the earliest possible. 

4. Have atleast 2 or 3 passpost size photos with you during the exams.

5. Do check the requirement for the exam and purchase if any (like calculator, scale etc). No borrowings allowed inside exam hall.

6. Half sleeves are recommended while writing the exams. If full sleeves, it should not be folded throughout the exam duration. So plan accordingly.

7. Have a transparent water bottle if you wish to carry it during exams.

8. Pay any dues outstanding with college / hostel.

Special Arrear Exam announcement came

 Students who have exhausted maximum period of study can now appear for Nov/Dec 2022 Special arrear Examination. Further information visit

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Attention Passed candidates in Revaluation Result

 Revaluation passed Students, those who have paid the fees and Registered for Exams yesterday at Exam cell are informed to write a letter to Principal, stating that you have passed in the Subject (name and Code) in the revaluation result declared yesterday and request for refund for the subject. Get signature from Exam cell incharge, the principal and submit the same at Cash counter to get the refund. It is instructed to get the refund on or before 18/11/2022

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Revaluation Result - Except 8th Sem Apr/May 2022

 Please Click the link below for Revaluation Result - Except 8th Sem Apr/May 2022

For Further information on Revaluation and Review of Answer scripts, click

Revaluation Result published

 The Revaluation result of all sem except 8th Sem has been published. Since the web portal is not responding we couldnt download the results of Revaluation. It will be updated whenever the web portal traffic is minimized. 

For detailed information click the link below

New blog for Exam Cell